The download (zip file) consists of:

  • 8 backing tracks in mp3 format
  • 8 video lessons plus an introductory video in mkv format
  • 1 eBook in pdf format

Zip file size: 1.14GB

*We recommend using the VLC media player to view the video content. If you don’t already have the VLC media player you can download it for free at

The Lead Guitar Accelerator – digital download

The Lead Guitar Accelerator is a course designed for the beginner to intermediate guitar player looking to develop and improve their lead guitar playing skills.

How does it make me a better guitarist?

  • You are given 8 awesome backing tracks in different rock styles and keys.
  • Then, for each of the backing tracks you are shown an accompanying scale pattern that is super easy to learn but very usable for soloing. That’s 8 scale patterns.
  • And from there, to help kick start your soloing ideas, you are given 3 killer licks using only the notes from the each of the scales. 24 licks in total. This will not only build up your repertoire of licks but will show you the versatility and potential of each of the scale patterns!
  • Everything is demonstrated and taught to you clearly and concisely in 8 video lessons as well as a detailed eBook.

Learning how to solo has never been so fun and easy!

Check out the introductory video below for more information.